Speed Download

Speed Download 3 is the leading 'MacTel' professional download manager for the Macintosh. Specifically crafted and optimized in response to the demanding needs of Mac OS X users, Speed Download 3 provides a plethora of new features including turbo-charged file downloading, uploading, file sharing, scheduling, maximizing bandwidth usage and more while providing auto-resuming functionality and security at all times. Speed Download 3 has been completely re-written and re-designed with high performance and ease of use in mind. In addition, Speed Download 3 is optimized for ANY internet connection (dial-up or broadband). Major New Features: Completely re-written using Apple Xcode 1.5 for maximum performance. Everything in Speed Download 3 has been re-engineered and re-designed for MAXIMUM performance and packed with a brand new and rich feature set. New, turbo-charged underlying network architecture using CFStream: this will ensure the maximum performance possible from your computer and internet connection. Up to 50% more performance increase with SD 3. Completely redesigned interface. Speed Download 3 boosts an even more intuitive interface providing even easier access to all powerful features. Most things you can do with Speed Download 3 can be done by ONE click! Redesigned Speed Download plug-in architecture: SD 3 boosts faster performance and even greater compatibility with ALL major file types. In addition, Speed Download 3 lets you easily manage what file types to handle with Speed Download via a brand new, and easy to use preference panel made just for that. New Turbo-charged incremental segmented downloading. Seamless integration with all popular Mac OS X browsers. Massive compatibility improvements. Ability turn Speed Download 3 ON and OFF right away with certain browsers. Full support for files over 4GB in size. Full support macgamefiles.com: download the latest games and updates at turbo-charged speeds. Full support audible.com Full browser cookie support: download from Apple, .Mac, and any other servers that use cookies to enable or authenticate downloading. Cookie support takes Speed Download compatibility with online servers to a whole new level. No more frustrations with .php files or files that won't download properly. Yazsoft Intelligent download technology: Speed Downloads now uses an innovative approach to downloading files. In addition to using a segmented downloads mechanism to ensure the fastest possible download rates, Speed Download 3 uses incremental opening of connections in order to download a file. Right before starting a download, Speed Download calculates what kind of server it is downloading from and starts off by opening 1 connection to it. If it sees that the server can handle more, then it will incrementally continue to open additional connections until the file transfer is complete. This innovative approach by Yazsoft makes Speed Download 3 the most compatible and best performing download manager out there. Automatic auto-resuming downloads all the time: no need to worry about lost or dropped connections; Speed Download resumes downloading where you left off automatically. Speed Upload: here by popular demand, Speed Download 3 now supports the fast and easy uploading of files to other SD 3 users. Send any file to any SD 3 user with just one click, and watch your transfer go. Automatic auto-resuming uploads all the time: no need to worry about lost or dropped connections; Speed Download will auto-resume uploading where you left off automatically. Speed Share: Speed Download 3 features an extremely powerful and easy to use, Peer-2-Peer file-sharing feature set. Save time by sharing any file on your hard disk, with any other SD 3 user, anywhere around the world. All file transfers are auto-resuming should there be lost connections. Speed Download 3 also includes full user and password management for maximum security and privacy. Complete drag 'n' drop support. Built-in Received Files: get instant access to all incoming file transfers from other Speed Download 3 users. Live activity indicator: view details on how many downloads, uploads, and file transfers activities Speed Download 3 is handling. This information is immediately visible in Speed Download 3 and from the Speed Download 3 dock icon. My Servers: bookmark all the Speed Download 3 machines you connect to for easy access. My Servers supports both remote machines as well as local machines (via Apple's Rendezvous). In addition, you can easily edit any server info at any time. iTunes Integration: Speed Download 3 can directly import all downloaded music directly into iTunes. You can customize what the Speed Download playlist is called, as well as what music file types you would like SD to import into iTunes. Safari Integration: Although Speed Download 3 is fully optimized for all popular Mac OS X internet browsers, this specific feature set allows even more seamless integration with the Safari browser. Via the Safari contextual menu, you can easily disable/bypass Speed Download for certain sites, or completely disable Speed Download plug-in in the case of problematic servers. The amazing part of this feature set is that it happens in real time! No need to restart Safari for changes to take effect! Built-in search: use the extremely fast search feature in the toolbar to find anything in Speed Download. Bandwidth throttling & monitoring: don't let your downloading or uploading of files affect your ability to surf the internet or do any other internet related activities; SD 3 lets you manage your bandwidth very efficiently and easily from the toolbar or the SD 3 dock icon. Add files from URL: download any web content from anywhere. Download entire web sites, pictures, movies, and more very quickly and easily with SD 3. Full customizing support included in this feature set. Built-in Scheduling: Speed Download 3 features a new and improved scheduling feature set for all your downloads. You don't have time to download your files now, schedule it for later. Even more, you can customize what you want Speed Download 3 to do after your files are downloaded (play sounds, log out, shut down you Mac, and more, it's all there for you to pick from). This powerful and flexible feature set puts all the control in your hands. Integration with Rendezvous - Apple's zero configuration networking system: connect to any Speed Download 3 machine on your local network instantaneously to share files, URLs, or anything else. Remote connectivity: Connect to any Speed Download 3 machine around the world instantaneously to share files, URLs, or anything else. Complete Filter support: this feature is designed for keeping your files organized. Categorize and organize all your files by file type. For example, create a folder called 'Videos' and set it to include all the .MOV files you download, etc. The sky's limit with how far you can customize your files. Speed Download 3 provides you with a set of Filters that you can use as a start. Built-in history for all downloads: keep track of all your downloaded files via relative dates (i.e. Today, Yesterday, etc.) Full support for password protected sites: SD 3 allows you to save your login info for all sites requiring authentication. Sensitive Server technology: this Yazsoft, and Speed Download exclusive feature allows you set servers to which Speed Download will only open 1 connection during a download (just like your browser). This is mostly used when connecting to older or slower online servers that don't handle multiple connections very well. Reveal in Finder technology: find the files you just downloaded or received from other users instantaneously. With one click of a button, Speed Download 3 will take you to the file in question, no matter where it is on your hard disk. Set separate simultaneous downloads limits for different servers. Graphical bandwidth monitoring tool: monitor all your Speed Download 3 activity instantly. Bookmark all your favorite URLs. Full contextual menu support in all browsers that support it. SDCLI - Speed Download Command Line Interface: Connect remotely via SSH to a machine running Speed Download 3 with a much faster internet connection. From the command line, you have access to all Speed Download commands. Switch between the Aqua and Brushed Metal appearance. New dock icon feedback. Full Growl support: add eye candy to Speed Download with the free and extremely popular Growl utility. Fully customizable interface: if you don't need or want all the features of SD 3, easily switch off the sections you don't want, for a truly customized Speed Download look. In addition, SD 3 provides immediate visual feedback of all file transfer activities in the dock. Full Applescript support. Speed Download floater support: drag any URL onto the Speed Download floater to start its downloading. At the same time, the floater provides you will useful info regarding that file (i.e. download speed, etc.) Complete drag 'n' drop support: drag a URL onto SD or the SD floater to start a download or drag a file onto the upload section section of Speed Download to send it to someone you know; everywhere in SD 3, drag n drop is supported. Tons of under the hood tweaks. and much, much more !
Price USD20
License Purchase
File Size 3.34 MB
Version 3.0.16
Operating System Mac OS X 10.4 PPC Mac OS X 10.3.9 Mac OS X 10.4 Intel Macintosh Mac OS X 10.3
System Requirements
  • Mac OS X 10.3.7 or later
  • Universal Binary