Browsing the Web from your phone is an awkward and unpleasant experience today. Most content is formatted for large screens, so even if you have a browser that is capable of displaying a page's content, excessive scrolling and large graphics can make traditional Web sites unusable. iBrowz makes finding and viewing content from the Web easy. All you have to do is subscribe to the widgets you are interested in, then tell our application when you would like them to be delivered. When you have a few moments to catch up with current news, stock quotes or weather, it will be only 2 clicks away and already loaded on your phone. Based on an open widget architecture, developers and content authors can easily re-purpose existing content and build new applications that are deployed through iBrowz.Version includes our new Facebook and Twitter widgets so you can keep in touch with your network instantly, and lots more great content including CBS, ABC and MSNBC news.
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