Muddly provides a powerful browsing tool that significantly increases your control and management of Web content. Not only can you stack web pages in a tabbed pane, you can also have multiple panes within a document and multiple documents open at any time. Because documents can be saved and retrieved from file storage it is possible to build highly organised and useful collections of web content. Muddly is an extremely efficient browser for power users and anyone involved in web research, or work with the web. It has a simple interface so is readily useable by novice or occasional surfers. It also minimizes to the system tray allowing you to keep large amounts of web content to hand, from your tray, leaving your desktop free for other activities.
File Size426.28 kB
Version3 beta
Operating System Windows Windows XP
System RequirementsWindows XP, Microsoft .NET Framework 2.0, Internet Explorer 6.0