Plucker is an offline Web and e-book viewer for Palm OS. It comes with a Windows conduit that lets you decide exactly what part of the Web you want to view on your PDA. Plucker includes programs that let you specify exactly what part of the World Wide Web you'd like to download onto your PDA (as long as they're in standard HTML or text format); these Web pages are then processed, compressed, and transferred to the PDA for viewing by the Plucker viewer. Plucker supports many features, including clickable images (pan and zoom), italic, narrow, and high-res fonts, multiple concurrent databases, configurable display parameters and stylus options (gestures and hardware button navigation), ZLib and DOC compression, Perl and Python conduits and parsers, a Windows fully-integrated installer, and a whole lot more. The package includes the viewer, the distiller, documentation, and a full GUI to configure your content.
File Size268.84 kB
Operating System Mobile Palm OS 4.x Palm OS 3.x
System RequirementsPalm OS 3.1