CIL Disassembler for Windows 10

CIL Disassembler lets you view the disassembled MSIL bytecode inside every compiled. NET Framework application. Open any. EXE or. DLL file that contains compiled. NET code and this app will show you the code inside. This app supports programs written in C#, Visual Basic. NET, and F. It also supports some (but not all) programs written in Visual C++. It can also open Windows Metadata files used in UWP app development. CIL Disassembler does not decompile compiled assemblies into C#; instead, it displays the raw MSIL instructions run by the CLR. Simply open an EXE or DLL file when prompted, and CIL Disassembler will display a list of the classes within the file. Then, double-click an item in the list to view the disassembly.
Price USD 0
License Free
Operating System Windows, Windows 10
System Requirements Available for Windows 10, Windows 10 Mobile (x86, x64, ARM)