Dialog Maker is a utility for AppleScript user interaction commands which does all the tedious typing for you. It handles 'StandardAdditions' 'user interaction' commands like display dialog, choose from list, and choose file with many more to come in free updates! Dialog Maker knows all existing parameters for each of these and allows you to create sophisticated prompts very quickly with the bare minimum of typing. Dialog Maker takes your command's options and turns them into a piece of script, you can then copy it, insert it to the frontmost AppleScript Editor window, and even preview it before use. It has received positive reviews from beta testers who confirm how useful, workflow oriented, quick and easy it is to use with a detailed and useful help (which resides on your Mac and doesn't annoyingly take you to some website). Thank you for reading, or even purchasing! If you have any questions please contact dev.richard@me.com.
Price USD6.99
License Purchase
Version 3.0
Operating System Mac OS X 10.7 Macintosh