jEdit for Linux

jEdit for Linux combines the functionality of UNIX, Windows and Mac OS text editors, runs on any operating system with a java 2 version 1.3 or higher virtual machine - this includes Mac OS x, OS/2, UNIX, VMS, and Windows, efficient keyboard shortcuts for everything, comprehensive online help, unlimited undo or redo copy and paste with an unlimited number of clipboards (known as "registers") register contents are saved across editing sessions, "kill ring" automatically remembers previously deleted text, rich set of keyboard commands for manipulating entire words, lines, and paragraphs at a time, "markers" for remembering positions in files to return to later, marker locations are saved across editing sessions, any number of editor windows may be open, each window may be split into several areas, each area can view a different file. Alternatively, different locations in one file can be viewed in more than one area, multiple open windows and split windows are remembered between editing sessions, and rectangular selection multiple selection for manipulating several chunks of text at once.
License Free
File Size 2.12 MB
Version 5.0
Operating System Linux