EasyHtml is 100% free HTML-editor. It is basically same as Window's memo, except EasyHtml has many useful features (thats why it is a popular HTML-editor), here are few of them: HTML-tags (< and >) are colorcoded, e.g. Welcome to my pages. Includes 10 ready highlighters for various languages! Fully customizable rules! 18 helpers, they make bug free HTML-code based on your answers. You can make e.g. table easily with them! Read more about helpers. You can open as many HTML-document as you want to EasyHtml (MDI,multi-document-interface)! Large help-file is shipped with EasyHtml, the help has information to amateur HTML-programmers as well as for professionals! Very user friendly! You can customize EasyHtml's enviroment.
File Size2.96 MB
Operating System Windows NT 4 Windows 2000 Windows XP Windows 95 Windows 98 Windows
System Requirements
  • Pentium II 233MHz
  • 64Mb RAM