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Blosxom (pronounced "Blossom") is a lightweight yet feature-packed weblog application designed from the ground up with simplicity, usability, and interoperability in mind.Features: Full package installer means weblogging in under 5 minutes or your money back ;-)Made for, but in no way limited to, Mac OS X.Write from the comfort of your favourite text editor -- be it BBEdit, TextEdit, vi, emacs, ...Integrates nicely with and makes use of all the operating system and Web server beneath its feet have to offer.Multiple Weblogs with only one Blosxom installation.Permalinks point to (aka bookmark) a particular story.By-day, by-month, and by-year "archives."Flavours (read: customizable templates are nothing more complex than editing text files).CategoriesRSS syndication. Choose between dynamic (on-the-fly) or static (spitting out regular files) rendering of your blog.Small and lightweight.Requires only OS X and the goodness it brings.Intelligent defaults and simple Q&A-based configuration.
Price USD0
License Purchase
File Size 5.86 kB
Version 2.0rc4
Operating System Mac OS X 10.2 Mac OS X 10.1 Mac OS X 10.3 Mac OS X 10.0 Macintosh
System Requirements
  • Mac OS X 10.0 or higher
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