Style Master CSS Editor gives both seasoned web developers and CSS novices the tools to: Build professional standards based web sites using their choice of wizards, powerful editors, stylish templates and an advanced set of hand coding tools. Work directly on HTML preview documents to make changes to the CSS, while maintaining clean and valid code. Take advantage of the latest advanced CSS design techniques with the help of enhanced color tools.(including screen sampling), internal previewing and wizards for developing navigation bars, breadcrumb trails and multi column page layouts. Troubleshoot their code with built-in syntax checking and validation. Target all browsers with detailed at-the-fingertips browser support help. Save time and money by harnessing the efficiency of CSS and standards based web development techniques. Integrating easily as an external CSS editor with Dreamweaver, GoLive, FrontPage and many other .development tools Style Master is fully customizable, evolving with the developers knowledge of CSS.
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