Notebook - application for conducting records, texts, notes, draft copies and other text and graphic materials which remain in one document in the form of a hierarchical tree of records. In work of the manager, student, programmer, writer, and also in many other professions - often there is a need of maintaining a set of records, draft copies, any texts and graphic drawings. To save this data in a convenient format and to manage these records as one document developed the simple and convenient Notebook (Notebook) program. 1. For data storage in the program the combination of the popular data formats is used: XML and RTF. 2. The document file of the program has the *.ntb expansion - you will be able to include registration of it like expansion for opening of such files in the program on the computer. 3. The program does not use the register of an operating system and does not contain any advertizing. 4. There is a flexible system of data retrieval with illumination of the found words in the text of records. 5. The program can work from any portable data medium (flash-drives, portable hard drives).
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