PredictiveTyper is software that will help you to write faster and errorless. It uses advanced language modelling techniques to predict your next word, and offers a list of words you are more likely to write even before you type first letter of the next word. To select a word from the list, you just need to continue with typing. For example: to select a word from the list press space or comma - PredictiveTyper will complete the current word so you can continue typing next one. PredictiveTyper learns from your texts. This means if some specific word, for example, personal name or very specific term for particular topic, does not exist in the PredictiveTyper model, it will learn this word from your text. Next time you want to write this term PredictiveTyper will include it in the suggestion list. PredictiveTyper also supports text snippets - predefined text chunks that can be inserted fast by typing their key. This program can be especially useful for writing in foreign language, or for people with motoric disabilites because PredictiveTyper can save up to 50% of keystrokes needed for write the text.
Price USD9.98
License Free to try
File Size 6.56 MB
Version 1.0
Operating System Windows Windows 7 Windows Vista Windows 8 Windows XP