Justnotes is a simple, beautiful and powerful notes app for OS X. It lets you focus on the important things - taking notes.* For all french and japanese customers: Please change the language of Mac OS X to English or German. Otherwise the app doesn't work as expected. A fix is on the way. *You are a Simplenote user? Just enter your account and your notes get synced instantly. Besides Simplenote, Justnotes lets you also sync your notes with any local folders (e.g. your Dropbox folder).You are an Evernote user?Import your Evernote notes (.enex) in just a minute.Feature list- Minimalistic user interface lets you focus on taking notes- Synchronization with Simplenote and any local folder (e.g. Dropbox)- Tags to organize your notes- Powerful built-in search for keywords and tags- Favoriting of important notes- Import from Evernote (.enex) and plaintext files (.txt)- Export as plaintext files (.txt)Simplenote synchronization- Support for multiple Simplenote accounts- Syncing of tags- Pinned notes are favorited in Justnotes- Trashed notes are moved to the ArchiveFolder synchronization (requires Mac OS X 10.7.3)- Support for multiple local folders (e.g. your Dropbox folder)- Support for multiple file extensionsYour notes can be distributed over many different places, Justnotes collects them for you, so you can edit them in one place.Justnotes is a happy place for your notes - try it out and be productive again.
Price USD5.99
License Purchase
File Size 5.1 MB
Version 1.2
Operating System Macintosh Mac OS X 10.7