D-Limit is a powerful but easy to use editor for comma delimited (CSV) and tab delimited text file (or any other text file which has fields delimited by a specific character). It supports editing, searching or filtering, replacing, column reordering, sort on column and numerous other options. It allows a file to be loaded in one delimited format and saved in another. The entire file is loaded into memory to optimise editing performance. D-Limit uses probablistic scanning to automatically deduce the file format, or alternatively the delimiter etc. can be manually specified. Multiple documents can be simultaneously edited using its tabbed document interface. The status bar always shows the number of characters in the current cell if a single cell is selected. If multiple cells are selected it show the number selected and also, if numeric cells are included, the sum, count and average of the selected cells (just like Excel). Cells that you change during the current session are highlighted via a small indicator in the top right corner of the cell. D-Limit supports multi-level undo/redo. D-Limit automatically runs in 'portable' mode (i.e. leaves no files or registry entries behind) when it runs from a removable drive such as a USB pen drive. It can also be launched in portable mode from a non-portable disc using a command line argument.
Price USD 25
License Free to try
File Size 6.17 MB
Operating System Windows 2003, Windows 2000, Windows, Windows Server 2008, Windows 7, Windows XP
System Requirements None