BrusPhone allows Internet users voice communication, share images with web-cameras and short text messages. To two users to communicate using the BrusPhone, each of them need to download the BrusPhone and install it on Android device. After launching the app will receive a unique number from the server. This number is your user ID on the BrusPhone-network, you can tell it to all your friends. To call a friend, enter his number in the field on the first tab of the application and press the "Call" button. Remote device received the call, beeps and displays the source of the call. If is set the setting to AutoRecvCall (installed by default) the call will be accepted automatically and the connection will be established. The parties can hear and see each other. If the called party does not answer, you can send to him a text message. The user can get a message when your application is run. Messages are not delivered automatically. The user decides when to receive them.
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Operating System Android