joip Mobile BlackBerry CallBack dialer

The joip Mobile CallBack application enables VoIP service from BlackBerry mobile phones. The CallBack service triggers two calls: an incoming call to your phone and a second call to your required destination. You dial or select the destination number and an incoming call is then triggered to your number and connects you. The BlackBerry application provides CallBack service and can only be used from within the USA and Canada. If you are receiving the incoming call to your mobile phone, make sure to add the service number 2129814100 to your mobile providers favorite list. This way, you will not be charged for the incoming call by your mobile provider. All you have to do is: 1. Register to your best suited plan through 2. Download and Setup Blackberry Call Back application. 3. Start making low cost calls from your mobile! Simply follow the instruction manual on our support section. Enjoy great rates to top destinations: US & Canada : 1.5¢ to both landline and mobile. Mexico : Landline 1.8¢ Mobile 8.8¢. India : 1.8¢ to both landline and mobile. Pakistan: 0.035¢ to both landline and mobile. Israel : Landline 1.1¢ Mobile 5¢. Peru: Landline 2.1¢ Mobile 1.4¢. China: 1.4¢ to both Landline and Mobile. Signup now!
File Size4.11 kB
Operating System BlackBerry OS 6.x BlackBerry OS 5.x BlackBerry OS 4.x Mobile BlackBerry OS 2.x BlackBerry BlackBerry OS 3.x BlackBerry OS 1.x
System RequirementsCallBack service and can only be used from within the USA and Canada