PrivateGSM Professional for Symbian

PrivateGSM is an encryption software to make secure call using your own mobile phone. The software must be installed on both phones: the caller and the recipient, which must of course be supported by PrivateGSM. PrivateGSM does not change the normal use of mobile phones: it can be activated and hided in the background, or even turned off and started when needed. You can continue to use your mobile phone for traditional phone calls without any change. The very use of PrivateGSM "secure" calls, was designed not to change the experience of normal usage, in order to make easy to access an advanced technology through a very user -friendly interface. The quality of secure calls is equal to the normal calls one. Behind an interface so simple to use, it hides a highly sophisticated operating technology, based on symmetric encryption AES, also used in military filed and that makes the software impenetrable. PrivateGSM can be used for private purposes and for business purposes, depending on the version. PrivateWave also offers the Enterprise VoIP Security Suite that, thanks to PrivateGSM, extends the concept of security for the entire corporate network. PrivateGSM can be installed on Nokia mobile phones that run Symbian OS S60, 3rd and 5th Editions. Below you see a detailed list of all the supported Nokia devices for CSD and VoIP. Before installing PrivateGSM, please check your phone's compatibility. Note: While downloading PrivateGSM, in the pull-down menu you may find some mobile devices marked as "in-test". These devices are not yet fully supported by PrivateGSM, and they are being tested for compatibility. Meanwhile, if you would like to test and share your experience with us, please write to beta(at)
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Operating System Symbian OS 7.x Symbian Symbian OS 8.x Symbian UIQ 2.x Symbian OS 6.x Symbian UIQ 3.x Mobile Symbian OS 9.x