Vyke Mobile BlackBerry Edition

Designed to intercept international calls made and messages sent from your handset automatically, the latest version of Vyke Mobile 1.3 for Blackberry can be used on all BlackBerry devices from OS4.2.1 onwards. You can decide whether you want to route only your international calls over Vyke, or all your calls. If you have decided to intercept only your international calls, Vyke will identify them and instead of making international calls over your GSM operator (mobile network provider) it will send them over the Vyke network. There are two options for call interception - callthrough and callback. For call through, Vyke will intercept your call and will connect you to our local access number (this will attract standard local charges from your GSM operator). Once the call to our local access number has connected, Vyke will take care of the international call.For callback, Vyke will send a tiny data packet to our servers and will trigger a double call - one to your mobile handset and the second to your desired destination. Vyke then links the two calls.
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Operating System Mobile BlackBerry BlackBerry OS 5.x BlackBerry OS 6.x