Use the latest speech recognition technology to take control of your phone communications.BrightArrow PhoneAssistant is composed of two modules: CallScreener and SpeechDialer.CallScreener uses speech recognition to identify the caller and chooses whether to: Interrupt you for the phone call, Send them to voicemail, or Ignore the caller. The Screening level feature lets you choose which people are authorized to interrupt you. There are four levels of screening available, including "All Calls" and "Accept Top Priority and Above." You can even send all calls to voicemail. CallScreener automatically keeps nuisance sales calls from bothering you. Record voice prompts for the software to greet callers.SpeechDialer. For hands-free phone dialing, you simply talk to BrightArrow PhoneAssistant using the following command: "Call FirstName LastName" The program confirms who to call and dials the number. It's that simple. Other Features: Attractive, easy-to-use interface. Installation Wizard streamlines the process of getting the software up and running. BrightArrow PhoneAssistant taps into your existing Outlook or ACT! address book (not required), for both automating outgoing calls and displaying incoming call contact information. Add or change contact information from within PhoneAssistant or your contact management program. Customize numerous other aspects of your communications.
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Operating System Windows 95 Windows Windows NT 4 Windows 98
System RequirementsWindows 95/98/NT4