Use your old Android phones or Windows PCs to build video surveillance system in your home for free. Once installed Jobo.TV allows you and your friends to directly access you phone from anywhere using ordinary browser. See the life video stream from phone camera, make video and audio conversation, track the current location of your devices, browse, upload, download and modify files on your phone remotely and lot more... Secure - it connects directly using Peer To Peer encrypted connections, so no data relay and cloud servers are in between. Features: - Turn your phone into surveillance camera - stream live audio and video to your browser - Make free video calls from a browser to your Android device - Start voice only conversations from browser to the Android device or vise versa - Share files directly from the phone without uploading them to the cloud - Remote manage your files using Web secure and reliable. Windows version of Jobo.TV can share your desktop as well. - Allow multiple users to connect simultaneously - Review all your recent places where you have visited - Share locations of your devices with users from your contacts - Add reminder for a tasks - Free without advertisements - It's multi-platform and free version for Windows is available as well Security: Jobo.TV is built with security in mind. It uses newest emerging browser technology WebRTC to connect to your device. Connections are always encrypted, secure and Peer-2-Peer. The way Jobo.TV works offers several layers of security without sacrificing the ease of use: - Connection to your device from is allowed only for signed in users - Only users from your contact list are allowed to initiate connection to your phone - You can manually reject a connection or let given user to connect with notification - Ban users so they will never be allowed to connect your devices (Windows or Android) - Get notified when some of your contacts is connected, monitor what he is doing and what services he is using at the moment. - Control your connections in real time and force to disconnect with a swipe. - Enable or Disable features per user - Turn On / Off services per user features
License Free
File Size 18.33 MB
Version 4.4.44
Operating System Windows 7 Windows 10 Windows 8 Windows Vista Windows Windows Server 2008