Live Cams for iPhone

Live Cams for iPhone features video from beaches, restaurants, city streets, ski resorts, and golf courses. See famous places in real time like the Eiffel tower, New York, and the pyramids in Egypt. Save photos to your album. Watch animals at zoos, in Africa, in daycare, all over the world. You can control Pan/Tilt/Zoom on cameras that support it, use the included searches to find cameras or customize your own, mark cameras as favorites to find them quicker, save snapshots to your photo album, some cameras include Google maps locations, streaming video on Wifi from IP-based MJPEG cameras, auto-refresh still images are shown on cell networks, supports pan/tilt/zoom controls for select Canon, Axis, Vivotek, Panasonic, webcamXP, TrendNet, Linksys devices, iSight, Firewire, USB cameras for Mac OS are supported via EvoCam software, and USB/Firewire cameras from Windows are supported via WebcamXP.
File Size781.25 kB
Operating System iPhone OS 3.x iOS iPhone OS 2.x
System RequirementsRequires iPhone OS 2.0