Drop Circles

Drop Circles has no direct User Interface, you can adjust Settings and more through the Menu Bar Icon which you can find at the top close to your Clock. By Default, Drop Circles will activate on the left side of your screen when you touch the centered 60 % of your screen edge. By default you see only the Activation Point that slides out, click on it to access your Circles. Drop Circles proves 8 customizable Circles, 4 are first Set, and 4 the alternative Set, and also you have 4 Utilities Circles as well. Once Circles expanded you can either toggle default / Alternative Sets with the Tab Key. Or you can enable Scroll Wheel from the App Settings to toggle between default, Alternative and Utilities. In the Center of the Circles once they expanded you can find the Drop Area for Files, Images, Text and whatever you can drag and drop. Drop Circles work on all Workspaces as well as in Fullscreen Apps.
Price USD 1.99
License Purchase
Version 1.3.2
Operating System Macintosh, Mac OS X 10.9
System Requirements None