ENSO+ is extension to ENSO which brings new idea - First grab selected text, file/folder path or even real file/folder in explorer or total commander and then use it with many commands such as: memorize (auto-saves selected text for later use), topen (opens memorized or selected text/path in Total Commander), copy to, move to (copies,moves file under cursor to previously memorized path), call (dials selected or previously memorized text/digits), copy-full-path (copies path of selected folder or file to clipboard), drop (pastes previously memorized text), learn as web search command with name (creates search engine/command from selected or specified uri template. Template example: www.google.com-search? q={0} ),. Software developers and other people who use computer more than average person could profit from this approach.
License Free
File Size 15.61 MB
Version 1.2
Operating System Windows Me Windows NT Windows 2003 Windows Windows XP