Moonlight Cyclone is a .NET Framework based freeware wallpaper changer. It handles the wallpaper changing for you since it's really boring changing it several times a day. First you have to add some pictures to the internal wallpaper collection. Then you may assign a style (stretched/tiled/centered) for each wallpaper (it's not necessary - all pictures are assigned stretched style during loading) and finally you just set the way the wallpaper is changed. The changing can be done automatically every desired period (ex.: 3 hours) or one-time at program start-up. The application can also download a sample of an image to reduce the resolution so it perfectly fits the desktop, which increases desktop performance.
File Size470.5 kB
Operating System Windows 2000 Windows Vista Windows Windows 7 Windows Me Windows 98 Windows XP
System RequirementsMicrosoft .NET Framework 3