Ethiopian Radio LIve - Internet Stream Player

Ethiopian Live Radio is authorized only for iPhone, iPad and iPod touch and is created to accommodate our users' demands and expectations. The following app is absolutely free of charge and gives you a splendid opportunity to listen to Ethiopian Radio, news and programs available from diverse countries without any obstacle. The updates of this application are organized very frequently by the professional individuals and you will be enabled to get to know about the latest news or weather forecast as well as listen to the state-of-the-art music and programs. They often have creative input on the development of new shows or features. In addition, they always research and produce live Radio programs for our users. One of our Radio app's best features is to provide our listeners with direct access of their favorite Radio Stations from iPad, iPod and iPhone due to its broadband connection. This innovative iOS app has numerous outstanding peculiarities, which will definitely grab your attention. If you find it difficult to remember the name of your favorite song, this highly qualified application solves that problem and provides you with the appropriate information about the name of the song and the author name of the song you are listening to. If you want to share your favorite songs, news or any kind of program with your friends, our extraordinary iOS application lets you share them via Facebook, Twitter. If you want some innovations concerning our Radio Station, you will not get bored awing to our regular updates and various servings. If you have any kind of hesitation connected with the quality of our app, we reassure you that all the Radio Stations work in a proper way. Let you sample this pioneering Ethiopian Live Radio which will also be beneficial for the improvement of your Ethiopian Language skills. The Radio Stations are tremendous and you will have freedom of choice. Having this pioneering application you will also have a great inspiration to burry yourself in an Ethiopian culture. So, take the initiative and download this cutting edge application and you will never get disappointed in using it continually.
Price USD 0
License Free
Version 1.5
Operating System iOS
System Requirements None