This tool has been developed with the hope that it will help in the study of the Japanese language. Since I'm a developer and also a student of the Japanese language I decided to create a program that would help me in the study. I hope it will can help you too. PLEASE NOTE: since I'm a beginner student it will very probably the tool will contain some "grammar" error. If you find some problem or have suggestion about how to improve the tool feel free to drop me a line through the forum. Enhance the tool will benefit all. One of the main problems in study japanese language is the absence of the spaces between words in written japanese. This makes it very difficult for a novice to know when a word end and start the next. After some search about how to get over this problem I found a library called Mecab able to split japanese words with a good level of approximation. In add of this the library, using some special dictionary, provides various information regarding each chunk of japanese text. Using these info and adding external data coming from some other free resources like JMdict, ipadict and so on the tool is able to give a detailed analysis of the "parsed" japanese text. Furigana are also showed. New improvements and features will be added over time. The ultimate goal will be to create a tool that can cover every aspect of the study of Japanese language (if successful of course). \^_^/
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