Learn Chinese - Chinlingo is a very useful app for your On-the-Go Chinese Mandarin learning. The app contains comprehensive pinyin course, animation course with interesting stories, practical lectures on Chinese characters given by professional Chinese teachers, daily updated Chinese learning tips and abundant authentic information on China. With Chinlingo, you will not only learn Chinese Mandarin in fun and effectively, but also understand China better and get closer to China through daily use. Download "Learn Chinese - Chinlingo" right away, and enjoy the effective Chinese learning experience. Features: The most comprehensive Pinyin course Initials and finals taught together to help you master the pronunciation essentials within 45 min Fantastic experience and tips offered freely 500 compulsory Chinese words in 20 categories elaborated with Chinlingo's semantics-based mnemonics Pronunciation, tone, mouthing shape and skills demonstrated by the professional teacher 3 minutes for each episode every day; 100 episodes brings you fun and Chinese skills. Learn Chinese by watching animation with interesting stories and characters Follow the hostess and imitate; Master the key points of HSK 1-3 exams The professional teacher and the Chinese wiz explain 17 pragmatic functions in detail Methodologies Behind "Learn Chinese - Chinlingo" There are various Chinese courses on the social network sites and video websites, but many of you still have made no or slow progress in Chinese learning. What is the reason? The main reason is that you haven't found a systematic, professional and all-in-one Chinese learning service. You may feel like learning Chinese, but you just have the faint knowledge that China is an Asian country. Chinlingo will provide you the comprehensive pronunciation enlightenment and the efficient practice. Moreover, the authentic Chinese culture information is prepared freely to help you understand the Chinese pop culture. Maybe you feel like enlarging your vocabulary as a Chinese beginner. Chinlingo provides you with the vocabulary expanding course developed by professional TCSL teachers and helps you memorize words easily. Chinlingo is a sincere and professional Chinese teacher. Our courses are systematic and effective. From pronunciation to words and from vocabulary expansion to complete conversations, all are concise, interesting and easy to learn. So stop hesitating! Download now to enjoy various benefits!
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