Offline Croatian to English Language Dictionary

Is Croatian language your mother tongue? Have you decided to study Croatian language? If your answer is positive to one of the above mentioned questions, then our team has something beneficial for you. Our sophisticated programmers have created the best possible dictionary application for you to widen your foreign language abilities. We provide our Apple users with a tremendously smart and fast Croatian to English Dictionary app. The following up-to-date bilingual dictionary version is the best starting point for you to learn a foreign language. Among the advantages of our pioneering app are: Existence of contemporary words such as "Unfriend" "Muggle" "Hater" and many others. It provides its users with a quick access to those unknown words they are interested in without demanding an internet access (Offline Dictionary). There are audio pronunciations for each of the numerous dictionary words and as the user taps a word the speaker turns on immediately. It grants its users an opportunity to form a nuanced understanding of conjugation of verbs, declension of nouns, etymologies in addition to the word's syntactical and idiomatic usage. It offers you a window of opportunity to save unlimited number of unknown words in a section called "Favorites". It also has a specialized terminology of technical translations as well as slang terms. You can find synonyms and antonyms of the dictionary entries by without at least a little effort. You can get it in the app store without having to overcome payment or internet connection difficulties as it is absolutely free of charge. It can take some time from you to get used to these new features, but once you get familiar with it you will get convinced that it is pretty fast and easy to use. The following app is often updated and from time to time the number of words will vary. If you have any complaints or suggestions about our app you can contact us by our Facebook account. We look forward to hearing your new ideas and offers and we will definitely address your concerns as soon as possible.
Price USD 0
License Free
Version 3.0
Operating System iOS
System Requirements None