Word Frequency

Perfect your writing by seeing which words are overused. Word Frequency allows you to order the words in a text document or web site by how often the word is used. Writing may be improved by replacing overused words with synonyms. Improve Vocabulary. Creating vocabulary lists are easy. Distinct words can be extracted from various sources including Gutenbergs' free e-books. Word Frequency allows you to order word lists in a variety of ways including alphabetically. Solve Word Puzzles. Word Frequency has an anagram solver. Simply input scrambled letters, and words will be displayed using only those letters. This is perfect for scrabble and word with in a word games. Search Engine Optimization (SEO). Search Engines analyze web pages in order to rank a web site. Web pages may be penalized for overuse of keywords.Word Frequency makes it possible to determine which words are overused. Study Foreign Languages. Word Frequency has a number of tools which can be used to more quickly learn another language. Along with discovering the most commonly used words, it is possible to only extract words which contain a specified ending such as 'ing' or 'ed'. This makes it easy to focus on various parts of speech. Word Counter. A built in word counter keeps accurate count of words in a text file or website. Create your own word lists. No need to buy corpus based word lists when you can easily make your own! Search Text using Regular Expressions. Word Frequency allows you to use your own regular expressions. This makes it possible to search for a variety of text patterns including double words, email, html links, sentences, numbers and more! Analyze Parallel Text. Possible vocabulary matches can be found using the built in Parallel Text Analyzer. Create a concordance. Creating a concordance is as easy as selecting a text file.
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