Big Grammar Book - Interactive Version

This free program is based on dozens of exercises from the popular Big Grammar Book by English This innovative, easy-to-use free computer program has been created by Mandar Paranjpe of MahaEduTechNet, using our Free Copying Licence, and it's yours to download now absolutely free! The program is written in VB6 and should run on a Windows machine without any problem. In case of any component unavailability, the setup program can be downloaded here: Teachers can add audio files with notes on the questions asked in the worksheets, e.g. modelling pronunciation or explaining grammar rules, etc. To do this, the teacher needs to create an .mp3 audio file and save it by the name xxx.mp3 in the MP3 folder. xxx represents the first three characters from the title bar of the exercise, e.g. Pg2, P19 etc. If the program finds an audio file with this name in the MP3 folder, it will display a Windows Media Player control when the student finishes the exercise. The student can then listen to the notes narrated by the teacher. About MahaEduTechNet: MahaEdutechNet stands for Maharashtra (an Indian state) Educational Technology Network. Team members from this project believe that computers and IT tools can bring a change in the field of education, and that technology can be effectively brought into play to bridge the digital divide in society. As computerised knowledge resources are easy to replicate and distribute, digitisation of quality educational material in all formats (text, pictures, audio, video) is the need of the hour. The MahaEduTechNet project is a modest attempt to provide a platform for such efforts.
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