Grammatica is a tool designed to help Russian language studying students to improve their knowledge of Russian grammar and pronunciation by reading Russian texts. Remembering where to put the stress in a Russian word can be difficult. Stress is often not the same for all inflected forms of a word. Using Grammatica, stressed syllables are clearly marked. You can copy-paste text out of Grammatica including the stress marks. If you're a teacher, this feature will allow you to quickly prepare classroom materials for your students. With a simple and intuitive user interface, you can customize Grammatica to highlight words of the same case, gender, number, verb aspect. You can even highlight a combination of various grammatical properties. Prepositions can be highlighted as well, helping you remember which prepositions govern which cases. This helps you to instantly see patterns in the language and understand how Russian differs from English. Grammatica helps you write Russian text on a latin keyboard by transliterating input, either character by character or word by word. Grammatica can even make the transliteration easy by automatically inserting soft and hard signs in words.
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Version 1.5.3
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