Language Quotient by MoraffWare

Language Quotient by MoraffWare is becoming the ultimate collection of language games. Eight games, great interface and stunning graphics. Extensive content teaches you spoken Chinese, written characters, and key phrases. If you aim to be multiligual, join us and learn several languages. This program is designed to allow you to learn one language, then use that language to study another, etc. Soon to offer Russian, Spanish, Italian... Games included: Memory: Very simple, no knowledge required. You can start playing and learning with little effort. Picture Flash: After playing Memory, now you know some words, and Picture Flash draws out and cements your knowledge. Matcher: Now that you are getting fast with Picture Flash, you want to drill your vocabulary quickly with Matcher. Word Cross: Classic criss-cross style game is a lot of fun even with Chinese words. Word Flash: Now you are ready to start to read. This might be hard at first, but with this game, guessing works fine. If you guess long enough, you'll learn to read with Word Flash. Word Search: Do it with Pinyin, or go advanced and use Chinese characters! Now you are really cooking! People will be amazed. Tone Game: Studying Chinese? You know that most of us never learn those tones correctly. The tone game will not only give you that edge, but you'll really start to recognize characters with this game. Advanced Game: Not a fancy name, but what a fancy game! This game was added by the author when he needed fast progress from the beginner level to true deep mastery of all the content of the program. Filled with options, this game will give you full recognition of Chinese characters, their pronunciation, and their meaning, both individually and in context, in lightning speed. They'll ask you how many years you lived in China if you put 100 hours into the Advanced Game. Language Quotient also includes an accent elimination system, and a media player to learn Chinese from pop music. Language Quotient also allows you to print a complete set of hundreds of full color flash cards and many worksheets to practice writing. Carry your flash cards and learn Chinese on buses, waiting in lines, anywhere. Language Quotient is a complete full version, with no other more complete, more full version, and is supported entirely by those who decide to voluntarily contribute. This is a worldwide effort to produce the finest language teaching program affordable to all.
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License Free
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Version 1.0
Operating System Windows, Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7
System Requirements .NET Framework 2.0