Learning Chinese Characters (Hanzi) and Japanese Characters (Kanji) are what Skritter is for. Skritter teaches you how to write Chinese and Japanese characters with an innovative stroke-by-stroke feedback system that makes sure you learn your characters quickly and painlessly. Character study with Skritter is much faster than studying using traditional methods as Skritter keeps track of how well you know a character and asks you to review what you've learned at the optimal time (not too soon so you waste your time, not too long so you've already forgotten it) saving tons of study time and making studying more interesting. With support for 5700+ characters and 100+ of the most popular textbooks plus HSK and JLPT vocabulary lists you can learn your characters fast. Additional help with definition practice and (for Chinese) tone practice and audio clips, you'll know your characters in no time with Skritter, the Write way to learn Chinese and Japanese characters.
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Version 2010
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