Lizard Lingo Generator

Lizard Lingo generator is a utility designed to allow the user to randomly generate words in a language that fits reptialian and draconic sentient species like Lizardmen, Draconians (Baaz, Kapak, Bozak, Sivak and Aurak), Droyne, Chirpers, Kobolds, Snakepeople, Reptoids, Lizardfolk, Lizard People, Annunnaki, Yuan-ti, Sahuagin, Locathah, Dinosauroids, Iguanoids, Lacertians, Skulldrakes, Siffle, Sstasia, Tybors, Unars, Soro, Thennanin, Sarrukh, Nagas, Anno dat, Arcona, Barabel, Boltrunians, Chazrach, Chistori, Dashade, Tosk, Voth, Xaranites or any other fantasy and science fiction reptilian/draconic species. Build up your own unique dictionary of words to suit your specific linguistic style. Great for gamers, larpers, roleplayers or those people who fancy themselves a bit on the scaly side of life.
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Version 1.0
Operating System iOS, iPhone OS 2.x
System Requirements None