French Dictionary of Definitions and Synonyms Ultralingua

Hundreds of thousands of indexed items, including tens of thousands of secondary entries. Indications of literary, slang, and vulgar usage, and indications for usage (including synonyms, accompanying prepositions, general categories, and more); thousands of technical terms; grammatical notes concerning irregular forms for thousands of entries (plurals, past participles, future stems, etc.; the marking of regional usage and spelling. Automatic verb conjugation (for many languages) Multilingual interface Modular structure -- add several languages to one Ultralingua interface Redesigned hi-resolution interface The ability for users to create and delete their own entries, personalizing their dictionary. In bilingual dictionaries: a reverse translation feature, which helps show how various choices translate back into the departure language (an essential tool for zeroing in on the right word or expression). In monolingual dictionaries: a secondary translation feature, allowing one to define a word within another definition without losing one's place. A history feature, for retracing your searches. A tool that will translate numbers (e.g. 133) into text (e.g. "one hundred (and) thirty-three," etc.).
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