IELTS Speaking Conqueror

Practice Speaking Module: Complete collection of all IELTS topics. All topics are classified scientifically and practically. Answers are available for all topics/questions. Furthermore, audios are also available for all core questions. You can practice speaking for every topic here. Valuable Materials Module: Collection of essential references, including Important Measures to Save Yourself, Effective Strategies for Part 2, Answer Templates, Useful Sentence Patterns, Model Speaking Test Sample Transcripts, Golden Rules to Improve IELTS Speaking, Proverbs for IELTS Speaking, Topics You Must Prepare for IELTS Speaking, etc. Simulated Test Module: Verify your speaking skills in a simulated environment. You can listen to your answer recorded and reference answer, view the test scripts. Vocabulary Module: Classified vocabulary for IELTS speaking. It is easy to organize your answer if you master all words. Tested Questions Module: Collection of tested questions. Summary and strategy for all kinds of topics.
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