English-Spanish Dict With Football Game

There are two entries in our enes.jar file; 1- English-Spanish Dict: This dictionary has 8000 entries. Enter the word that you want to find to the English textbox. Then select search from menu. For example if you want to find the word "School", enter this word to English textbox. Then select "Search" from menu. The program will search the database and it will give you its meaning in Spanish. And you can search the database by entering only a few characters. For example if you want to find the word "School", you enter "sch" characters and search. 2- Football Word Test Game: This simple game has 8000 questions in database. The game selects questions from random files. And the program selects options changing their points randomly. When you open this game you will see a football area and a red ball in the middle. In the area you will see the question, and you can find two options, one below and one above. If the correct answer is below move the ball to downwards, or if the correct answer is above move the ball upwards. If you select a correct word you will earn a point. If you can not give a correct answer your device will earn a point.
LicenseFree to try
File Size23.52 kB
Operating System Java Mobile