WM-Dict is the best free dictionary in the universe ;-) It helps you to rapidly find a translation of a Chinese term to English, German and Serbian or vice versa. It supports Windows, Windows Mobile (Pocket PC), Mac OS and Linux. It currently supports Chinese-English (over 244.000 words), Chinese-German (over 177.000 words) and Chinese-Serbian (over 9.000 words). This is only the installer. The dictionary files need to be downloaded seperately. WM-Dict is very flexible. You can install only the language dictionaries you want to use. What is the goal of these tools? As language learners, we wanted a set of tools that were easier and faster to use than the faithful, but all too slow dictionary in book form. With that in mind, we developed a set of language dictionaries that could be used both on a computer and on a mobile PDA. Imagine sitting at home and using your computer to rapidly translating words. Or, imagine being somewhere out of house but need to translate something. You pull out your PDA or Windows Mobile phone and look up the word for an accurate translation. We had another problem we wanted to solve: some languages don't have a good translation dictionary. Our dictionaries use English as a common language to bind from one language to another. For example, imagine you are trying to translate a Chinese word into Serbian. However, there is no electronic Serbian to Chinese dictionary available. Using our tool, you can look up the Chinese word and retrieve the english translation. Then in a quick motion you can have the program translate the English definition to Serbian. Portable! Fast! Accurate! and always useful. We hope you enjoy using our dictionary. Take time to experiment with the program. We think you will be surprised to see how flexible it is.
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