C Scripting Language (CSL)

CSL is a well structured and easy to learn script programming language available for 32 bit Windows, OS/2 and Unix style systems. CSL follows the C syntax very closely and programmers used to C, C++ and JAVA will immediately be familiar with it. CSL is used like an interpreter: You write the program with your favorite editor and run it directly like any shell script. A powerful set of libraries covers topics like system, strings, maths, files, async communications, regular expressions, registry and profiles, window control and others. The data access library enables high performance tasks against ORACLE, DB2, MySQL and ODBC like data import/export, schema setup scripts and other. More than that, the CSL scripting engine can be embedded in applications. CSL has 2 programming interfaces: The C API can be used with almost every 32 bit C/C++ compiler, while the C++ class library is available for selected C++ compilers only.
Operating System Windows XP Windows 2000 Windows Windows NT Windows 98 Windows 95
System Requirements<li> Windows 95/98/ME/NT/2000/XP