Voice Balancing System

VBS. Voice Balancing System. Analyses your voice and generates a v2v (Voice2Voice) balancing tones, includes: easy open wav file capability, complete wav file parameter display (samples, samp. rate, etc...) , real time recording, analyses up to 25"" of voice with circular buffer management, save recording to .WAV file for later use, sound graph with Pan/Zoom capabilities, musical grid containing power proportional hits of musical notes, bar graphs associated to musical grid displaying totals and octave bars, plays note contained on musical grid, info grid with complete set of PHI (0.618') based relations of formants. Full 5 octave FFT display with local scale and Note grid optional display. Radial spectrograph in note/octave and FFT format, Harmonic wheel with musical notes relations. V2V graph containing formants and mirror values (max-v(i)) Formant grid, v2v Tone control generation panel.
File Size325.5 kB
Operating System Windows Me Windows XP Windows 98 Windows 95 Windows Windows 2000
System RequirementsWindows 95/98/Me/2000/XP