Christmas Greeting Screensaver

The best holiday of the year is Christmas. We are hurry to please you with our holiday free Christmas Greetings Screensaver. You will get a lot of positive emotions by installing this screensaver. It is made in the classic colors for the Christmas celebrating. Red - the color of the holiday, white - a symbol of purity and snow. On the screen, the silhouette of a forest of fir trees, and soft snowflakes gently spin endlessly above it. The screensaver is decorated with a large greeting inscription and animated effects. The cutest thing about this screensaver is holiday music. Fun xylophone sound, and then the gentle melody of the harp will create a unique holiday atmosphere in your home. Download the Christmas Greeting screensaver for your desktop PC right now and enjoy it absolutely free.
File Size5.06 MB
Operating System Windows Me Windows 2003 Windows XP Windows 10 Windows Server 2008 Windows Vista Windows 2000 Windows NT Windows 7 Windows 8 Windows Windows 98