This 3D screensaver and Wallpaper features features 4 scenes of an exotic beach at sunset. There is an array of shorebirds like seagulls, and herons, as well as parrots, colourful toucans amidst the gleaming sunset rays on the cool, peaceful tranquil moonlit skies as the night approaches. One of the scenes features a background with a powerful animated sunset with a gleaming animated light over realistic moving calm beach water. Watch as a large palm tree and a short palm sways from side to side in the light breeze of the ocean shores. In this scene, 3D animated toucans and seagulls fly by and one heron sleeps on a very large rock nearby.
LicenseFree to try
File Size20.65 MB
Operating System Windows Windows 8 Windows XP Windows 7 Windows Vista
System RequirementsDirectX 9.0