Turn your screen into a beautiful fireplace! Very relaxing to have running in the background while you work or rest. 7 FIREPLACE VIDEOS, 4 NEW ONES ADDED IN THIS RELEASE.We don't all have the luxury of our own fireplace at home, but with Fireplace Live HD you can enjoy the visuals and sounds of a real fire anytime, at home or anywhere! Turn it on to create an instant warm, cozy effect, romantic setting or just a beautiful, relaxing background for any occasion. ========================== +7 High Quality HD Videos to choose from (720p or higher)+Looped playback with smooth, almost unnoticeable transitions, no sudden jumping +Run in full screen or resize the window as you wish+Discreet, easy to use user interface +Sleep timer option available +Option to enable or disable Fireplace sound
Operating System Mac OS X 10.7 Mac OS X 10.6 Macintosh