Earthsim 2

Earthsim 2 is a beautiful and fully interactive way to explore the Solar System and our nearby stars. It includes a screensaver that takes your PC on a tour of the solar system. In this release you get: High resolution Earth including dynamic rendered sea with wave effects and reflections. You can also remove the sea to see the ocean bed. High resolution Mars surface, you can stand on the surface and watch the sunset. All the planets in the Solar system with their main moons. 250,000 local stars in the milky way, including recently discovered extra-solar planets. The best screen saver with camera paths to showing you the planets and our solar system. Earthsim 2 contains some of the latest rendering features so it requires a high spec GPU with at least 512MB of memory. It has taken many years of hard work to bring you this technology and we hope you will enjoy. Earthsim 2 will be regularly updated with more and more new features over the coming months. Updates will be automatically downloaded to your installed version. In the near future, we will include: High resolution Moon with procedurally generated surface. Earth surface rendered in beautiful 3D with atmospheric scattering and ocean wave effects. Full planetary shadow models e.g. Saturn's moons casting shadows on it's rings. Planetary temperature modeling and application to extra-solar planets. Sun surface thermal effects and corona. Inclusion of procedurally generated "artists impression" extra-solar planets such as those found on Gliese 581c.
Price USD 24.95
License Free to try
File Size 27.54 MB
Version 2.2
Operating System Windows, Windows Vista, Windows 7
System Requirements Direct X 10 library