NOVA was written with the intent of creating a stable, application based screen saver. Most of the screen savers available do a lot of system trap patching via extensions, which introduce a factor of uncertainty in your system. NOVA does not patch any OS routines, but instead is completely application driven -- when it is appropriate (based on user settings), NOVA will launch it's "Saverlet" applications that will do the screen saving. NOVA provides three main services to the user: (1) eliminates the potential for phosphor screen burn-in, (2) provides security for your system via password entry, and (3) provides entertainment for yourself and those who work around you. One last boastful note: NOVA is one of the only screen saver applications that can utilize multiple monitor setups-- and when we say "utilize", we mean that drawing occurs on ALL monitors, not just the menubar screen. Take that After Dark!
Price USD 20
License Purchase
File Size 1.69 MB
Version 4.1
Operating System Macintosh, Mac OS Classic
System Requirements
  • PPC
  • System 7.1.2 or higher