Solar System - Earth 3D Screensaver

Surely you dreamed in childhood to study astronomy, become an astronaut and see for yourself that our planet Earth is indeed round, how it turns around its axis and the sun and watch closely how the planet changes from day to night. Yet, there might have been many obstacles that prevented your dream from becoming a reality. Solar System - Earth 3D screensaver will make your dream come true and you will be able to see Earth from space! You will see the actual earth from orbit, continents and might even be able to spot the bigger cities when everyone turns on their lights at night and the planet lights up, almost like a Christmas tree. Many years have passed since cosmonauts for the first time saw how our planet looks from space. Thanks to the launch of the NASA (Terra, Aqua and Aura) satellite series in the early 2000s, scientists and then all the inhabitants of the Earth had the opportunity not only to admire the magnificent photos taken from space, but also to learn the most valuable information about how the planet is changing. Spacecraft photos allowed us to appreciate magnificent views of our planet from different places and at different times. Today, many photos from NASA have been put together and it is now possible to see the Earth globe in very accurate animated space screensaver on your screen. If you install this Earth screensaver on your device with Windows operating system, you will see the Earth slowly turning around and enjoy the marvelous views of the planet. In the daytime, you will see major landforms and at night, larger cities turn on their lights as it gets darker in that area of the planet. This 3D screensaver will show you how spectacular our Earth really is. You will look at our world from a different view and the planet you live on will not feel or look the same anymore. The breathtaking view is also accompanied by a lovely music that can be turned off, if desired. Looking at the screen, you will feel as if you are looking through an illuminator of your own spacecraft because the Earth looks so realistic, and why wouldn't it, when every moment of it is created from actual photos of the planet taken from NASA spacecraft. This screensaver will show the others the adventurous, curious and creative side of your personality. It is not only a beautiful accurate animated model of our planet Earth, but also an opportunity to make your fantasies real.
Price USD9.95
License Free to try
Version 1.9.2
Operating System Windows 8 Windows Vista Windows 7 Windows XP Windows Windows 10