Splittur is more than just a file splitter. With Splittur you can create spanned or single-volume self-extracting (SFX) packages with greatest flexibility in a few seconds! Using special characters you can set all the properties for your packages only once! Convenient interface contains instant previews and helper-menus which are intended to ease your job. If you split a ZIP file there is an ability to unpack it seamlessly after extracting the package. You can encrypt your packages with a password. Forget external extractors: one volume is one executable file! Though you can force all the volumes of your package or none of them to be executable files. Plus inside-out customization of the extractor: set all the texts to your own (from the window title to the "About" box) plus set your own 64x64 image with true transparency! You can also customize a message that appears if a user starts a non-first volume. Using the included Weldur tool you can weld non-self-extracting (as well as self-extracting) packages back together. Splittur is a very advanced tool, try it yourself and value its abilities!
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Operating System Windows Windows XP Windows NT Windows 2000 Windows 95 Windows 98
System Requirements
  • All Windows