FileBoss speeds up your office work. It allows you to easily locate files, documents, images on your computer or company network drive. Normally when you have to find a certain document you would click on drive - folder - subfolder - and then either scroll through the list of documents or when you reach the subfolder, you then enter the name of the file/document that we are looking for. This whole procedure of search is very time consuming and irritating especially if you work in an office where you deal with an ocean of files. With FileBoss all these time consuming steps have been eliminated. Fileboss sits in a small window in the lower right corner of your screen. There you just have to type part of the name of the document you are looking for and then press enter. In less then 1 second it will show you all documents that correspond with the name you typed. FileBoss Features: Open directories and folders in a part of a second. Find all files or directories and folders containing an expression in the blink of an eye. Save, copy and move files in a specific directory within the program or within any application like Excel, Word , Adobe Reader, Open Office writer or calc, Thunderbird, Outlook. Search all files for certain keywords and exclude keywords that they cannot have. You want for example a list of all word files that contain the words engine and car but you do not want the files that contain the word motorcycle. Attach files to emails without clicking through the directory tree, insert pictures in documents from any directory fast.
Price 43
License Free to try
File Size 422.63 kB
Version 2.3
Operating System Windows 2003 Windows 8 Windows Windows Server 2016 Windows Server 2008 Windows 7 Windows 10 Windows Vista