A powerful tool to find hash/checksum of a file, folder or text. All popular hash algorithms are supported. A clean and easy to use UI. Three hashing tabs, each taking advantage of hashing in a different way. This advanced software treats folder just like a file. So you can get hash of a folder just like a file. A folder hash value will change if a least possible change to the content of the folder is committed. Entire file/folder is processed to calculate hash, thus if even a single byte is changed in a file/folder, it will result in a new hash value. All popular hash algorithms are supported including SHA-512. Hash tab - this is the primary tab. Calculate hash of file, folder or text. Report tab -generate report of a folder and save it to a CSV file if needed. With two modes available: Non-recursive and recursive. No-recursive will not dig in folders and will calculate hash of folders while recursive mode will dig into all folders and sub-folders and will find files to calculate hash of. Compare tab - compare file or folder with another file or folder not by size, date modification or anything insecure, but by matching hash values.
Operating System Windows Windows 7 Windows Vista Windows 8
System RequirementsIt will run only on 64-bit machine.