Sorter makes file organisation and management easier. With just a few mouse clicks, you can organise several files in the most convenient manner possible. It simply helps you organise several files that contain similar characteristics into a single folder. You can put all letters documents into one folder, all images with the word home into another, all music by one artist in yet another folder, etc. Sorter organises these files into folders which are grouped according to one or more of the following patterns: A common name in multiple files' names. For example, multiple files may have a common word(s) season one. Every file bearing these word(s) will be moved to (by default) a folder named season one; A custom name (of your choosing). For example, after searching using the above criteria, you might choose the destination folder to be named My Series; By file type/format. For instance, pdf files will be put in a folder named PDF, docx files in a DOCX folder, jpeg files in a JPEG folder, etc; By categories of the file formats. For instance, pdf, docx and txt files are all documents, hence will be put in a folder named document. These categories are defined in filegroups.
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License Free
File Size 10.47 MB
Version 2.6.3
Operating System Windows, Windows 10
System Requirements None